Greek Islands -- The Dodecanese

(Charter August 2002)

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 Island of Kos, Kalmari

 Island of Kalimos, Palionisos Cove

 Our host Nicholas, at Palionisos, offers sponges

 Anchored at Island of Leros, Baia Panteli

 Baia Panteli from mountain top

 Leros, north to Platanos

Leros Island, village of Panteli

 Island of Patmos, Baia Griko

 Kalimnos Island, village of Vothynoi

 Irina, after a swim in Vothynoi cove

 Anchored at Pserimos Island for lunch and to snorkel (where we saw a small octopus)

Castle of Knights, Kos Island


 Fira, capitol of Santorini, overlooking the caldera

  Palaia Kameni, hot mud baths in the sea

 Santorini and Port of Fira at base of caldera

Fira view from volcanic island of Nea Kameni
The Dodecanese: Scattered along the coast of Turkey, the Dodecanese are the most southerly group of Greek islands. They are the most cosmopolitan archipelago, with an eastern influence present in their architecture. They were the last territorties to be incorporated into modern Greece. The climate of these islands stays hot well into autumn, providing a long season in which to swim, snorkel and enjoy the beaches. We also visited Santorini, a volcanic island in the Cyclades. This island erupted in 1450 BC, forming Santorini's cresent shape. This is a stunning island with whitewashed villages clinging to volcanic cliffs above black sand beaches. We stayed at and recommend the Mina Villas, overlooking the caldera. Itinary: Our sailing itinary: We chartered from FYLY using a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36.2 provided by The Moorings on Kos. From Kos we sailed to Pserimos where we anchored for a swim, and then sailed north to the bay of Palionsos on the Island of Kalimnos. From Palionsos we sailed north to Baia Panteli on the Island of Leros. From Leros we sailed north and west to Patmos. From Patmos we sailed east to Arki. From Arki we sailed south the Lipsi where we anchored for one night at Baia Sud. From Lipsi we sailed south to Telendos, a small island on the west side of Kalimnos. We then sailed south to Porto Kaliminos, We stopped at Pserimos again for a swim on our way back to Kos. This was a two-week charter.
Santorini Hotels
Santorini nautical chart
Kos Hotels
Kos nautical chart
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