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 Music and lyrics: Peter Schey  Arrangement: Pete Snell and Peter Schey
 Engineering: Pete Snell  Vocal: Peter Schey
 Percussion: Robert Fernandez  Guitar and bass: Pete Snell
 Saxophone: James Chacon  Keyboards: Peter Schey

Recorded at Tritone Studios, West Los Angeles

all songs are copyright protected and may not be redistributed, recorded or played for profit without the consent of the song-writer


(music & lyrics peter schey)


I listened to her stories,
i listened to her soul,
i saw her smile a thousand smiles,
before i saw her go

i listened to her dreams late at night
in the candlelight,
an' when i close my eyes and dream of her


it was too good to last
it all happened way too fast
but there's gotta' be joy in this pain
i'm still in love, in the rain


i'm kinda' confused, an' i'm kinda in shock
I'M sitting alone down here by the dock
She finally made up her mind,
She hit me from behind,
I'm watching her sail away


it was too good to last
it all happened way too fast
but there's gotta' be joy in the pain
i'm still in love in the rain


I listened to her stories
late at night,

by the candlelight,
and as i open my eyes
I want you there at sunsrise


It was too good to last
it all happened way to fast
there's gotta to be joy in this pain
I'm still in love in the rain

I want you there for the rest of my life
As my brother, my sister, my friend and my wife,

i just don't know if i can take it anymore
I slowly walk across the floor
an' she smiles a thousand smiles
she's standing right there by my door

Fade out guitar and sax instrumental

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