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An Un-"Defining" Day in the

War on Terrorim
While everyone agrees that fighting terrorism must be a top priority of law enforcement, the October 4th arrests of four U.S. citizens is hardly the major "victory" claimed by Attorney General Ashcroft. Prosecutors have offered no evidence that any of the US citizens charged in recent weeks have had any contact with Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group, nor has any evidence emerged suggesting that they were preparing to attack or have ever sought to attack any American targets.

 Marching The War On Terrorism Towards Injustice:
Military Tribunals And Constitutional Tunnels
 On November 13 President Bush signed an Order which, for the first time in the nation's history, permits conviction by military tribunals in the cases of suspected terrorists whose acts cause injury to the United States' national security, foreign policy, or economy.

 War on Terrorism and Civil Liberties
There is an investigative maelstrom building in the U.S. in a wide-ranging search for terrorists in the Middle-Eastern communities. Based on evidence too flimsy to secure convictions, the U.S. Government has detained over 1,400 people, and seized assets of individuals and charities.

 The CIA-Harbury Torture Case
Heads to the Supreme Court

In 1992, the Guatemalan military announced that Efrain Bamaca Velásquez, a Mayan leader, had died in an armed confrontation with security forces. Harbury set about to learn everything she could about her husband's fate, and bring those responsible for his death to justice.

 Criminal Convictions And Their
Draconian Deportation Consequences
 Those involved in the criminal justice system, including judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, should be aware of the consequences of convictions on defendants' exposure to detention without bond by the INS, deportation, and permanent exclusion from the United States.

 Trafficking as Terrorism
 Terrorism is inflicted on children around the world not just in the form of indiscriminate killings, "collateral damage" in wars, disappearances and torture, but also in the operation of international criminal trafficking in children.


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